Sunrise Report Questionnaire

The Legislature uses a Sunrise process for the purpose of assessing requests for new or increased occupational regulation, pursuant to Government Code Sections 9148-9148.8 and policy Committee Rules. The process includes a questionnaire and a set of evaluative scales to be completed by the group supporting regulation. The questionnaire is an objective tool for collecting and analyzing information needed to arrive at accurate, informed, and publicly supportable decisions regarding the merits of regulatory proposals.

This process accomplishes the following: (1) places the burden of showing the necessity for new regulations on the requesting groups; (2) allows the systematic collection of opinions both pro and con; and, (3) documents the criteria used to decide upon new regulatory proposals. This helps to ensure that regulatory mechanisms are imposed only when proven to be the most effective way of protecting the public health, safety and welfare.

Click here for the Sunrise Questionnaire.

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For prior submitted reports, please see Reports.

Fee Bill Questionnaire

The Fee Bill Questionnaire is used to determine whether a fee proposal is necessary.  The completed form must be submitted to the Committee (electronically and two printed copies) for inclusion with the Committee analysis.

Click here to download the Fee Bill Questionnaire.

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