Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ is meant to provide quick answers to common questions. For a more thorough explanation of our process, please see the Committee Rules. If you have additional questions, please contact the Committee (916-319-3301). There is also a PDF version available.

Committee Bill Process

  1. Who will be handling my bill?

    Generally, bills are assigned by issue area. For a list of each consultant’s issue areas, please refer to the document uploaded under the Committee Staff tab of the website. However, depending on workload, assignments may change. Please call the Committee for specific assignments (916-319-3301).

  2. When will the bill analyses be ready and where can I find a copy?

    Pursuant to Assembly Rule 56.5, we make analyses “available to the public in the Committee’s office one working day prior to the date on which the hearing is to be held.” In addition, the Legislative Data Center will upload a copy of released analyses on the week of the hearing on Tuesday. As a courtesy, the Committee will also upload analyses to the Committee’s website under the Bill Hearings tab the week of the hearing on Monday morning.

  3. When are author’s amendments due to the Committee?

    To ensure the Committee is able to comply with the analyses publication deadline, amendments are due to the Committee no later than 8 days before the hearing at 12:00 pm. The amendments must be in Legislative Counsel and “in-context” form. This will give the assigned consultant enough time to analyze the amendment, discuss the impact it will have on the bill with the Chair, and put the amendments across the desk. If you are planning to amend your bill, please email a draft of the language to the consultant as soon as possible.

  4. When is the latest I can submit a letter to the Committee?

    To be included in the Committee analysis, letters in support or opposition must: (1) reflect the most recent version of the bill and (2) be submitted to the Committee no later than 7 days before the hearing at 5:00 pm. The seven day deadline is intended to ensure the Committee meets its publication deadlines and allow stakeholders sufficient time to update letters to reflect amendments in print in time for the hearing. However, although late letters won’t be included in the analysis, they may be submitted at any time for the public record. The Committee will keep them in the file for Public Records Requests and archiving.

  5. When is the background questionnaire due?

    If you are the author’s staff, you will receive a document titled Background Information Request. Please return the worksheet, as well as any available supporting documents, no later than seven (7) calendar days after receipt of the worksheet, and also at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the proposed hearing date. If the bill has been set for hearing and the consultant has not received the form in time, the author’s statement will not be reflected in the analysis. Further, the Chair reserves the right to withhold hearing the bill until the background is completed and returned to the Committee.

  6. Where should I send materials related to a bill?

    Please use the “Submit Position Letter” button on the Committee Home page. In addition, please email a copy of all materials to the assigned consultant and CC: Darci Sears ( and Bill Lewis (

    For hardcopies, you may bring or fax all documents to:

    Assembly Committee on Business and Professions
    The Legislative Office Building
    1020 N Street, Room 379
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Fax: 916-319-3306

Hearing Logistics

  1. Where will the hearing be located?

    The Committee meets in Room 1100 of 1021 O Street, subject to the discretion of the Speaker. Any changes will be noted in the Daily File.

  2. What time will the hearing be?

    The Committee meets Tuesdays at 9:30 am. Any changes will typically be noticed in the Daily File.

  3. What day will the Committee hear my bill?

    Please check the Daily File or contact the assigned consultant. If we have not noticed it in the file, we probably have not determined a date.

  4. What time will the Committee hear my bill?

    Bills are heard in the order that they are noticed in the file; however, precise timing of bill presentations cannot be determined before the hearing. Therefore, please plan to arrive by 9:30 am if you wish to observe.

  5. What about special hearings or other situations where changes are not noted in the Daily File?

    For special hearings and other unique situations, please call the Committee or watch for the announcement during Assembly Floor Session.

  6. What if I am unable to attend in person?

    Our hearings are typically televised and the Daily File will have a link to the audio recording.


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